Hero's Journey Tour Questionnaire

We are often asked "Is Hero’s Journey: An Acton Academy is a school for gifted children?" The answer to that question is: no, but our program does attract children with exceptional processing abilities who like the independence and ability to learn at their own pace.

Having said that, any child can succeed here given an open mindset, a willingness to learn, and fundamental academic abilities.

This questionnaire is intended to provide you with more information about our school and to get a better sense of who your child is and what you are looking for.
*If you are intending to enroll more than one child, complete a form for EACH child.
Learning about your child's academic abilities:

These questions are intended as conversation starters and to get a sense of your child's ability to follow the typical contracts and guardrails at our school. The contracts are made and upheld by the "students*" -- we are a democratic and peer-led environment.
*You'll never hear us use the name kid or student. We use hero or learner.

These photo below shows the current contracts for the Little Heroes Montessori Studio (5-7 years-old), Elementary Studio (7-12).

If a Hero (that's what we call our students) breaks the contract, depending on the severity of the action, the consequence is a "strike" or loss of something called a "Hero Buck" which they earn from doing hard work.

The strike system is 3 sets of 3 violations where on the third strike of each set, there is a day at home and on the third strike of the last set -- the 9th strike, the Hero leaves the school.


Elementary School Contract/Promises Example

Montessori Little Heroes Example (Early Learning)

Collaborative Work

A key part of our school is working together with others to solve problems, achieve common goals, and resolve conflict. We understand that how this looks for five-year-olds is very different than for fourteen-year-olds!

Our youngest Heroes are able to share, be gentle, and kind with each other... most of the time. We know that "kids are kids" and we certainly are here to coach and support them when emotions are high and words not found! Emotional intelligence and character growth is fostered here every day.

Our oldest Heroes could run the ship! The Heroes in our Elementary Studio lead the teams, organize school-wide events, offer suggestions to change systems, and can step in to run other Studios when needed.


One of the ways independence grows is for the adults to not solve the learner's problems. A tool we use to facilitate this is to not directly answer their questions -- we call that, "3B4G." This means using the 3 B's before asking a guide question - Books, Buddies, Brains (resources, asking a peer, thinking about it). Even then, guides will always respond socratically.

Thank you! We are excited to hear from you and look forward to looking through your form.